How true-to-life imagery speaks to us

We explain what it means to be a true-tone photographer and how it affects the overall look and feel of your wedding gallery.

True-to-life, tone, and color explains that the appearance of an image closely relates to what you experience in real life. There are many reasons why true-color imagery resonates with us as wedding photographers:


First, true-to-life images are an honest representation of how your wedding looked and felt. Your designs and details are captured authentically, showcasing colors as they are without eliminating, reducing, or manipulating them.


True-color imagery stands the test of time, bypassing current trends that become outdated with time.


Skin tones especially look more natural, which better represents different ethnicities and people of color whose undertones vary from caucasian skin.


True-tone imagery is adaptive to it’s environment. Lighting plays a major role on the outcome of your images, and different lighting all produces it’s own look. Imagery that is centered around showcasing a natural appearance produces better images in lighting such as direct sun, overcast, ambient (candle lit or accent lighting), and other expressive forms of lighting. This also ties into the authenticity of your imagery.

When you have spent countless hours and late nights designing every last intricate detail of your wedding, you want your images to reflect the thought, time, and money invested in creating your dream wedding. True-to-color imagery allows us to deliver a gallery that exemplifies your investment and will be admired by you and your loved ones for generations.

To view examples of true-to-life imagery, explore some of our recent galleries.

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