How Adding Film Elevates Your Album

We explore film photography and it’s benefits in your wedding gallery.

Film is back in style. If you’ve been anywhere near a social media platform lately, you’ve probably seen the influx of posts made about, or with film imagery and cinema. But why are people raving over grainy, sometimes out of focus images and why should you consider including film in your event?

Why Film is the Perfect Addition to your Gallery

Film photography can never be replicated. Though we love the crisp images, colors, and details digital photography offers, there is a certain unique aspect of a photo shot on film. Film is a great addition to any package because it offers an inimitable aesthetic – one that cannot be replicated.

Delivers Depth

Galleries can become monotonous if there is no depth or variety. Film photography adds a unique perspective to your wedding gallery by contributing depth and nostalgia.

Incites Emotion

Your gallery tells a story. It’s more than a compilation of beautiful images. It encourages you to feel, to look at your images and remember the sounds, the tastes, and smells. Film photography incites emotion, encouraging a unique recollection of memories.

Provides Perspective

Film photography provides a unique perspective on the way a moment represents itself. It can take an ordinary image and give it a new story.

Adds Variety

As we touched on a little earlier, adding variety to your album prevents it from feeling monotoned. Adding the contrast of film in your gallery, adds variety through the way it handles light and colors differently than digital. Lights and shadows tend to be more blended, offering a slightly softer photo and colors appear more natural, presenting incomparable hues of blues, browns, purples, reds, and greens.

In parallel to it offering depth, variety, emotion, and perspective, it has an irreplaceable, inimitable nostalgia that a digital image can never replicate even with the advancement of editing.

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